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Dog swimming

A whale of a party for four-legged friends!

Once a year we open our outdoor pools to dogs. As is tradition, we chose 4 October, which is none other than World Animal Day, to round off the outdoor season at Mosaqua together with your trusted four-legged friend. This has been one of our most popular events over the years. Put it in your diary because you won't want to miss it!

More than dog swimming
Dog swimming at Mosaqua is a real spectacle. In addition to the outdoor pools being open, a range of stallholders also attend. How does a dog listener and a trimming salon sound? Pay them a visit and your water baby can be beautifully trimmed and blow dried before going home after the aqua fun.

Entry fee for dog swimming
You pay €1.00 per dog. This contribution benefits our nominated charity (since 1999): the Ronald McDonald House in Maastricht.

Is your faithful friend ready for this wet experience? And as a nice bonus there are free dog biscuits. See you on 4 October.

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