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About us

Mosaqua opens. We quickly become the largest subtropical swimming paradise in the Euro region and establish a group of around 30,000 swimmers who take part in regular swimming clubs. Recreational visitor numbers vary from 180,000 to 230,000 visitors.

We close our doors for smaller renovations including floors with a new anti-slip layer and the installation of the wave machine and the underwater detection system.

At the end of 2012, our site is completely renovated. The municipal council decide to choose a commercial joint-stock company. As a result, the company receives a loan of €6 million from the municipality to carry out the necessary renovations. In October 2012, we temporarily close our doors.

In April 2013, it is time for a celebratory reopening after a 7-month renovation period. The entire building is renovated, complete with a new spacious entrance, new changing rooms, an extension to the Wellness section, updated attractions and of course, state-of-the-art and energy-saving plant rooms and installations. We are ready for the future.

Today: we are proud
Thanks to returning visitor numbers in the swimming pool sector, we manage to keep figures constant with 207,000 recreational visitors and 20,000 visitors who use the pool for specific reasons. It is quite a turnout at a time when lots of pools are having to close their doors. We celebrated our 25th birthday on 2 April 2018 and launched a new website in June 2018, which perfectly matches our new and improved look and feel. Here’s to our 7 Millionth visitor and celebrating 30 years of Mosaqua in 2022.

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