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Indoor attractions

Enjoy our subtropical swimming paradise

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our ample indoor swimming facilities! There’s plenty of water fun to be had by young and old. Come and take the plunge in our water attractions and facilities.

A world full of experience

Disco swimming

Every Friday disco swimming from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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White-water rapids

Up for the ultimate in water excitement?

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Wave pool

What’s a swimming paradise without a thrilling wave pool?

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Family water slide

Are you ready for a refreshing family dip?

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Toddler jungle pool

Splish splash splosh! The place is awash! A paradise for toddlers.

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You can do nothing but surrender to the flow of our rapids.

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Take a moment to relax in a whirlpool.

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Starglide run

Special lighting effects make this run a unique phenomenon.

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Steam cabin

The steam cabin is a great place to recharge your batteries.

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Pirate ship

Want to be a pirate for a day?

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Catering outlets

Satisfy your hunger with healthy and tasty food.

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Mist shower

Up for the ultimate in relaxation? Try the mist shower!

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Diving board

Look at the swimming pool from another perspective!

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Café terraces

Our 400 seats are spread optimally around the various terraces.

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Heat is good for people.

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Having your stuff stored safe and sound means a worry-free swimming session.

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Free WiFi

Want to stay connected during your swimming break?

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Television corner

Let your little one fully relax during lunch break in front of the TV.

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Our Junglebar has an extensive menu for healthy and 'tasty' hunger. Order a separate dish, drink or ice cream or a complete menu. It is just what you feel like. Enjoy your meal!

Junglebar picture
Junglebar picture
Junglebar picture
House rules
  • Always follow the (safety) instructions given by our staff.
    Children who do not have proficient swimming ability must always wear buoyancy aids and be under constant adult supervision. The use of the wild water rapids and deeper parts of the 25-m and 50-m pool is not permitted for those who do not have proficient swimming ability, even if they are wearing buoyancy aids. A diploma is not a guarantee for proper swimming ability in our pool with our attractions. Any individual who staff suspect does not have proficient swimming ability may be subject to a swim test at any time. You are required to cooperate. Our staff will assess whether you/your child is a proficient swimmer.
  • The possession and/or use of drugs and weapons is strictly prohibited. If found or suspected, the police will be called.
  • Possessing and drinking alcohol is forbidden in accordance with the applicable regulations of Dutch law. Drunkenness is prohibited across the entire site.
  • Entering the site is entirely at your own risk. Management shall bear no responsibility for injury, or loss or damage to personal belongings.
  • Het betreden van de accommodatie is geheel voor eigen risico. De directie stelt zich niet aansprakelijk voor letselschade, of vermissing, dan wel beschadiging van persoonlijke eigendommen.
  • Staff may request an identity document. You are required to submit this for inspection to staff when requested to do so during your visit.
  • If you misplace your locker key, you must pay €5.00 to replace the lock.
  • Money will not be reimbursed if you are ejected or leave the site early of your own accord.
Do you have questions? Consult our instructors!
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