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Like a fish in the water

From ABC swimming to vitality swimming

Swimming is healthy. Why? Well, we have put the 4 main reasons for you at a glance:

# 1 It's good for your fitness (and that in a relaxed way)
# 2 You train the muscles and keep the joints and ligaments smooth
# 3 You burn calories
# 4 If injured, swimming is the ideal sport

When you can no longer exercise other sports due to physical circumstances, swimming is often a good option.
But beware: take full advantage of these benefits and swim with some regularity. That is our tip. In addition to recreational swimming, we offer many other options.

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Baby, toddler and pre-schooler swimming

You’re never too young to be introduced to water. Provided that this is done step by step. Please do ensure that your little one is enjoying it. They’ll find a way of letting you know. And you’ll be given optimum guidance with this right from the first swimming lesson. Did you know that you can already start baby swimming sessions from when your baby reaches 6 weeks old? After that we develop things nice and slowly. Once your little one reaches 4 years of age, he or she will move straight on to the group working towards their A certificate. So there will be no annoying waiting lists!

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Swimming ABC

If you ask us, ABC swimming is a must. Your child will learn all the skills he or she needs to be able to swim well and safely. A skill for life. Already familiar with the requirements set by the NRZ. We support these requirements within the compass of the national swimming safety campaign, ‘Heel Nederland zwemveilig’! ABC swimming at Mosaqua means rapidly achieving your goal in a playful manner and under the guidance of professional swimming instructors.

Private swimming lessons

Sometimes you need a bit of extra attention. We understand. The guidance provided in a private swimming lesson is personal and intensive. Enabling us to achieve optimum results faster. These lessons are suitable for children and adults aiming to refine their swimming techniques. Though consider also extra help with earning a swimming badge/certificate or fostering recovery after an operation.

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As healthy as a fish
No vitality without movement
Heart & Vessel

Are you a heart patient? Then we have a package with special exercises for you that you can perform in shallow and warm water.

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Be careful with your personal battery. You can exert a lot of influence on your own vitality, future and energy level. Keep moving is our tip.

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Improve your condition? Aqua jogging is a strenuous exercise, but with the wetbelt, a special belt, it costs you no trouble at all.

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Keep-fit swimming

Do you really want to put sporting performances in the water? Then trim swimming is definitely something for you! Picture this, swim for an hour long.

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Breakfast swimming

Keen to combine activity and refinement? Swimming makes you hungry. So why not come along and do some breakfast swimming? It works like this: you swim a few lengths and do some exercises with professional guidance. Then you head into our wellness area for a whirlpool, infrared or steam cabin or mist shower. Very invigorating and relaxing. After that you’ll enjoy a healthy breakfast on the terrace. We bet you’ll start your working day full of energy!

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