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ABC swimming diploma

The basic skills to swim safely

Learning to swim in our land of water is not an unnecessary luxury. Not only do we live close to plenty of water, we also enjoy going in it. That is why it is an absolute must that children learn to swim at a young age. The basis of learning to swim is ABC swimming, the passport for lifelong swimming and water fun.

National A, B & C swimming diplomas
ABC swimming is made up of three National Swimming Diplomas, A, B & C. Aimed at children from 4 years and upwards. Swimming diplomas A and B are valuable intermediate steps but completing the full ABC allows you to be fully competent in the water. With Swimming Diploma C completed, you meet the Nationale Norm Zwemveiligheid (National Standard for Swim Safety). Already familiar with the requirements set by the NRZ? We support these requirements as part of Heel Nederland zwemveilig, a campaign to ensure the whole of the Netherlands is safe to swim!

ABC Diploma authentication features
How can you tell that you have an original National Swimming Diploma A, B or C in your hands? There is a small white clip under the logo, a unique number and a silver hologram on the front of the diploma on the top left. In addition, the ‘ABC’ block is characteristic of Zwem-ABC.

Times and prices

Maandag (A) 16.00 - 18.00 60 minutes € 10,50 10 lessons € 85,00
Tuesday (B + C) 16.00 - 17.00 60 minutes € 10,50 20 lessons € 165,00
Thursday (A) 16.00 - 18.00 60 minutes € 10,50    

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